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The Zinc Folding Electric Venture Seated Scooter has a lightweight frame and a compact body (it can carry a large adult comfortably up to 120kg) all driven by a quiet yet powerful 250Wl motor. No more standing ever again, with this compact yet robust scooter which can carry a large adult comfortably up to 120kg. This scooter has a powerful 250W brushless hub motor, allowing it to travel up to 15.5 mph on smooth, level surfaces. The maximum incline recommended by the manufacturer is 15% or less.

The venture seated scooter will run for 15 miles before the lithium-ion battery needs to be charged. Complete recharging takes about 3-4 hours. Just open the charging port on the underside of the frame and attach the cable to the port.

The strong robust steel frame and 14-inch air rubber tires are made to handle full size riders and many terrains comfortably. The padded seat has built-in shock absorbers to provide a comfortable ride, even over sidewalk cracks and rough asphalt.

With double disc brake you can ensure come to a stop safely. The venture seated scooter features all the latest technology and safety features.

The scooter has a bright headlight, removable taillight. Easy to use by using the right thumb throttle accelerator. Folds for easy to carry around when not using.

The centre front display panel has a bright white LED lighted display that shows the speed, battery life, and trip mileage. The white lights on the black panel are large and easy to read.

Collection is from Niyo Electronix, Clayton Street WN3 4DA

Zinc Venture 14inch Wheels Adult Folding Electric Scooter

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