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Ex store stock, as new, with 6 month warranty


Metal Cooling coating: better food preservation
185.3x59.5x65.8 cm - Ventilated cold (No Frost) - 35db
230L fridge - 114L freezer
Multi-Flow: better cold distribution


SpaceMax™ technology
Store more food with a large capacity of 344 litres, all in standard size dimensions of 600mm depth to fit perfectly into your kitchen. SpaceMax™ insulation technology allows for much thinner walls for more interior capacity, without making the product more bulky.


Make sure your food is well preserved no matter where you store it. Multi-flow technology provides uniform freshness on all levels of your refrigerator. It constantly adjusts the temperature and injects fresh air through strategically placed vents. This ensures that all products on all floors remain fresh.


Metal Cooling
Keep food fresh, even if you open and close the refrigerator door frequently. The Metal Cooling plate located in the rear wall helps maintain an optimal internal temperature. It retains the cold and prevents the loss of fresh air when the door is opened. And it quickly restores any heat loss when the door is closed.


No Frost technology (ventilated cold)
No longer waste time and energy defrosting your refrigerator, No Frost technology improves air circulation to maintain a stable temperature and prevents the formation of frost. It also allows the temperature to drop much more quickly after each opening of the refrigerator, thus reducing the work of the cooling system, which will last longer.


Optimal Fresh +
Enjoy ultimate storage flexibility. The Optimal Fresh+ drawer can be used as a single drawer or divided into two zones with different temperatures.


Humidity Fresh +
Preserve the original texture, flavour and taste of perishable foods for longer. You can adjust the humidity in the Humidity Fresh+ drawer by simply turning the control knob. It creates the ideal environment for preserving different fruits and vegetables, so they stay crisp, fresh and juicy.


Refrigeration and rapid freezing
At the touch of a button, Rapid Refrigeration blows super-cold air into the refrigerator to quickly chill your favourite foods and drinks. Quick Freeze delivers an intense blast of fresh air into the freezer. Ideal for maintaining the cold chain when returning from shopping.


Digital Inverter Compressor
Enjoy less noise and greater energy efficiency. The Digital Inverter compressor automatically adjusts its speed based on cooling demand. It is therefore quieter than a library, producing only 35dB(A). It also complies with new energy regulations and helps you save energy.


XL door shelf
Free up your shelves and store larger bottles in the door. The door shelf, which is wider and deeper than those of standard refrigerators, allows them to be stored safely. Ideal for accessing your carton of fruit juice and your favourite drinks at any time.


Clean rear
Cleaning the back of your refrigerator has never been easier. The rear surface completely camouflages the refrigerator's vital cables and pipes. By preventing dust and dirt from accumulating around components, it extends the life of the product.


Different coloured panels are available to buy online in a range of colours


Collection is from Niyo Electronix, Clayton Street WN3 4DA

Samsung Customisable Bespoke 344L fridge freezer RB34A7B5C48WEF

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